23 January 2008

Stepped To The Bad Side

Long time no see! Originally, I started this blog to post about my love for comic books -- but over the past 6 months my interests have switched from comic books to... *gasp*... MANGA! Honestly, if someone told me half a year ago that I'd be reading Manga (or watching Anime, I've fallen in love with it too), I would have laughed in their faces. I *hated* the way it looked, the girls with those big-ass eyes and all this fighting nonsense. But then, something interesting happened...

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Out of sheer curiosity and boredom over the fact that there were no good American animated movies -- I started lurking at an Anime board. I'm the type of person that won't waste my time with something I don't like, so I'll only watch stuff in genres that I like. I was burnt out with the fighting and Superhero madness, especially due to the Suckage called "Countdown" from DC and "Civil War" from Marvel. Long story short, someone recommended to me the anime/manga entitled "Monster" , and I got my download on and gave it a shot.

Let me tell you this: After watching such an awesome series, it was a long time before I found something equally awesome. "Monster" is a mystery/psychological thriller that had me on the edge of my seat during all 70+ episodes. I watched the subbed version with English subs (I recommend it this way, the voice actors really were wonderful). Upon watching this, I realized that I was very wrong about my opinions on Anime, that not all of it was crappy fighting and big-ass eyes (though, after watching a few series, they have grown on me). From there, I got into Manga, and this is what I love the most.

It would take 10 pages to go into how much I love Manga now, and 20 more to go into why I have come to prefer it to American comic books (and 15 of those pages would be me pointing out how there's much less misogyny in manga). I still love my Superheroes, but I've long been tired of watching my favorite characters killed off and/or over-sexualized for a bunch of fanboys. Discovering this "new" form of reading materials is a breath of fresh air to a woman long scorned by the American comic book companies. Perhaps I'll write out something on this later.


14 June 2007

Comic Book Reviews for 6/13

So, this week was a pretty good week for comics, for me. I enjoyed Countdown #46, Justice #12 didn't let me down, and World War Hulk #1 rocked so hard it isn't even funny (and I almost didn't bother with this book at all). Cable & Deadpool #41 was okay, but it could have been better. Expand for Reviews & Spoilers!

Justice #12 -- Finally, we have come to the end for this bimonthly title. Justice was so awesome throughout that I hated to see the end. I truly enjoyed this title, especially since there was Captain Marvel love throughout the series. Where am I going to get my Captain Marvel fix now, cause Trials of Shazam sucks hard. Monster Society of Evil was slightly better, but I didn't like the changes that much. Any how, back on topic! I recommend this entire series now that it's complete.

Countdown #46 - What can I say about this book? Black Mary is full of win so far, I'm curious as to what will happen after being hit by whatever it is that she was hit with. Jason Todd was in this book as well, which made me a VERY happy Stan. Say what you will about the character, I love JT. Hmmm... Jason and Donna Troy? I wouldn't be adverse to that relationship! The Multiverse thing is already annoying, so I just enjoy the characters I like. I'm hoping that Jimmy Olsen bites the big one, but you know he'll come back to life if he does. Either way, this series is the bomb so far.

World War Hulk #1 -- I've said it once, and I'll say it again: the next few years of Marvel comics are going to be filled with Iron Man getting his ass kicked by everyone. And rightfully so. Civil War left a BAD taste in my mouth, and now I despise the Iron Man character. I was rooting like hell for Hulk in this book, and I wasn't let down. I want Hulk to fuck up everyone involved in messing up his life. I do wonder how this ties in with the latest New Avengers book (which I haven't read YET) -- but I highly doubt Iron Man is dead yet.

Cable & Deadpool #41 -- This series has been getting better after a slag there in the middle. The only thing I don't like is the Cable/Domino pairing. I like Cable better with Irene -- Domino bores me to death. I'm loving this new character "Bob" -- the whole idea of it is hilarious! Outlaw is a favorite as well as Agent X (wonder if he still has that disease/impediment?). All I need now is some Taskmaster added to the mix and I'll be a happy girl.


27 May 2007

Who Wants To Write A Novel?

I do!!! Okay, to be specific, I'm not sure if I want to write a novel per se... I'm thinking about writing a book that reads in the style of a comic book. *sigh* It's hard to explain... but I'm going to try anyhow.

Basically, I've been developing my own Comic Book Characters, complete with original names (as far as I know -- I've looked up the names I've chosen to make sure there isn't a character around with the same name) and original backstories, etc. My plot is to write a novel/novella/mini/whatever on several characters by themselves -- and to eventually have them team up. Another thing about it -- most of them will be minority characters. Think about it -- a minority-majority team -- something that you don't see in American comics.

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Also, I'm thinking outside the box. I want unique characters -- and not necessarily just powers, but physical appearances as well. I plan on having at least one plus-sized hero -- which is something you RARELY see in comics. Hell, I'm a plus size woman, I want to see more plus-sized heroes. I also plan on balancing the team -- i.e there isn't going to be a team full of males with 2 females only. I'm thinking a 9-character team initially -- but I am undecided if the guys will outnumber the girls or what. Also, I plan on having black characters that look... well... black. I'm talking ethnocentric hair especially... I'm so sick of seeing black female superheroes with bone-straight hair...

Another thing about my team is that I want conflicting views. I don't want everyone to have the same idea of "justice", and I even want a few characters that are willing to "cross the line" if necessary. I want to have heroes with powers they were born with, powers that they obtained accidentally, powers that they learned (magic), or no powers at all (i.e those that rely on physical abilities/fighting styles/weapons). I also want my book to have SOME socially conscious messages -- but without beating the reader over the head with them. And, of course, what's a book without DRAMA? Sorry Mary J, there's going to be more drama in that life. *evil grin*

I have so many ideas for this... but I hope that I don't do what I have a habit of doing and drop this without completing it. Even if I'm the only one who ever reads it, I'd like to do it.


21 May 2007

Welcome To My World!

Hey all! This is the spot where I'll be discussing various things. Mainly Comic Books, books in general, News, atheism, and being a black female.